Our Pastor & History

Pastor & Sis. Ross
Pastor Ross and his wife, Katrina, moved to Mount Vernon in the beginning of 2003, equipped with the knowledge that the Lord had placed a burden for this valley in their hearts. In the years since, the Lord has proven faithful, gracious, and merciful. Today, in what began as church started in their living room, Victory has become a dynamic, multi-cultural body of believers endeavoring to reach the Skagit Valley with the life-changing message of the Lord Jesus Christ that is Apostolic in doctrine and Pentecostal in experience.
Married for almost 28 years, Pastor & Sis. Ross have four wonderful children, Hannah, Jonathan, Joshua, and Jacob. They love spending their time drinking coffee, taking walks, and meeting new people.

Eric & Nora Gonzalez

Youth Pastor
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Adrien & Gigi Gonzalez

Music Ministry Director
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